Numbers of the magazine

2020 - fourth issue articles

1. Enterpreneur Conditions in European Union 

2. Labour Law Disputes in the time of Corona Virus Dangerous Age

2019 - third issue articles

  1. Retirement age, pension insurance in the European Union

  2. Health insurance and protection of workers in the European Union

2018 - second issue articles

    1. Maintenance and child allowances I.K.  

    2. Legal Acts in Labour Law Relations I.K. 

2017 - first issue articles

  1. Teleworking I.K. 
  2. Data Protection in European Union I.K. 

Maintenance and child allowances

Comparison in the Czech Republic and Germany. 

Data protection in European Union

Application of the data protection in the business praxis - tho role of employer and the protection of the employees data informations.

General Data Protection Regulation from 25. 05. 2018 /GDPR 

The role of employer and the protection of employees data.


This contribution deals with the Czech labour law legislation on the place of work - I.K.

Distanční výkon práce.